Get better results with correct, current and comprehensive health care provider information. Right now.


Provider data is the ultimate moving target. It’s difficult to collect. It’s even harder to maintain. And resources to manage it are scarce. With more than 25 percent of health care provider demographic information changing each year, it’s no wonder more than 40 percent of provider records have missing or inaccurate information.

Get better results with correct, current and comprehensive healthcare provider information. Right now. Enclarity’s ProviderPoint is the industry standard for health care provider file cleansing, augmentation and integration

ProviderPoint is a proven, powerful hosted solution that gives you a systematic way to keep your provider information accurate and up-to-date while significantly reducing operating costs. It delivers unrivaled depth, breadth and quality information in a way that’s easy for you to integrate and use.

ProviderPoint cleans, augments and enhances your provider data files using information from Enclarity’s Master Provider Referential Database, the most comprehensive and accurate source of provider data in the health care industry.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When Enclarity receives your provider data file, ProviderPoint uses AcuSync® to cleanse the provider data – identifying and replacing inaccurate, duplicate and incomplete provider records based on information in our Master Provider Referential Database.

  2. Depending on your needs, we then augment your provider file with additional data attributes based on your specific business rules and requirements.

  3. After those rules are applied, we deliver a ‘golden record’ of information, along with integration codes and recommendations on the actions that need to be taken to keep your provider information accurate.